Bad Teacher (2011) – A review

Bad Teacher Poster

Time passes, actors age, and accordingly they set their portfolio of movies. But some actors are just too stubborn to accept their wrinkles. They still think they can play a 22 year old bombshell and one such poor stubborn soul is Cameron Diaz. The days, when she used to be one of Charlie’s Angels, are long gone by. But she still thinks that she can set the screen on fire which is unfortunately far from being true.

Cameron Diaz as the bad teacher

On the other hand, we’ve a very good singer and an astute and sharp entrepreneur, Justin Timberlake, who seemed to be getting the grip as an actor after doing ‘The social network’. But after watching him in this movie and watching the promos of his upcoming film ‘Friends with benefits’ with Mila Kunis, he has left me thinking whether he is really as talented an actor as a singer and a businessman he is, because his choice of roles makes him appear like a new comer, a wannabe actor, who is ready to do any script that comes his way. When actors try to be what they are not, it irritates the audience and they come out of the hall dissatisfied. Cameron Diaz should prefer some more serious and mature roles which suits her age. I guess she would look good in a role of a cougar, or a high society serial killer, something like Sharon Stone’s Basic Instincts, but no more playing a cute blonde chatter-box. And for Timberlake, we can still give him a chance as an actor, counting on his Sean Parker portrayal but more roles like this and he will be history as far as acting is concerned.

Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segal in Bad Teacher

Bad teacher is a film about a woman named Elizabeth Halsey (played by Diaz) who teaches in a high school and has no idea why she is a teacher. The only thing she likes is to be a rich-guy-parasite who clings to any guy that seems lifelike, if he can take care of her expenses. When she gets dumped by a squint millionaire she gets depressed, but then she discovers that the new substitute teacher Scott (played by Timberlake) which has joined the school is a very rich guy and the starts to woo him. She decides to go for breast implants to seduce Scott but since it costs 10 grands she tries a series of bizarre methods to gather that much money. But in the course of this pursuit of her, she comes to know that Scott is nothing but a lonesome looser who likes dry humping. And that, the fellow gym teacher Russell (played by Jason Segal), who was constantly hitting on her, is much more of a real guy than that rich teacher. She realizes that she has been a superficial girl during her whole life and goes out with Russell dumping Scott’s proposal in the end. That’s it. There is not a single scene in the movie which is genuinely funny. If you’ve not seen the movie but have seen the trailer of it, trust me, you’ve seen everything the movie has. There is not a single sequence in the film which is funny apart from the ones shown in the trailer.

Also, the thing which strikes the eye is that there is zero chemistry between the lead pair of Diaz and Timberlake. Maybe that’s because their roles were pathetic or maybe because Diaz and Timberlake had yet not got over their break up since 2006. The producers would have thought to cash it on the gossip surrounding them and it seemed to have worked as well in western countries. The movie which was made at a moderate budget of $18 million has done around $200 million of business so far in 2 months. But I personally was completely disappointed with the movie. According to me the only good performance in the movie was delivered by Jason Segal. They had a good concept. A drinking, foul-mouthed, weed-smoking, teacher, who hates kids, gets on a mission to enlarge her tits to seduce a rich substitute teacher and gets into a cat-fight with other female teacher in the pursuit to win over the rich guy. They could have had tons of funny sequences. But they though only a few would suffice. I won’t deny the fact that there are a few good sequences but if its just few giggles you’re looking for then go for it otherwise let it pass. Bad teacher was released in UK on 17th June and in US on 24th June while it was released for Indian audience this week.


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One response to “Bad Teacher (2011) – A review

  1. It does have some chuckles but there are just way too many punch lines that fall flat on their faces and not enough of Jason Segel’s effortless hilarity to balance out everything else that’s trying too hard. ‘Bad Teacher’ had the potential for greatness but ended up being pretty forgettable. Good Review! Check out my site when you can!

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