Johnny English Reborn (2011) – A review

I just got my hands on the DVD of Johnny English Reborn. I know that its quite late and all has been talked about this movie but I loved the movie and thought that it deserved the place in the blog. I had watched the first part long ago and it had impressed me back then as well. I am pretty biased for spy stories and also for quality comedy. And when they both are mixed together, they can really create a wonderful movie experience. I wonder why not many in Hollywood haven’t been able to pull it off so nicely as Johnny English. Pink Panther is the only example that strikes my mind, and Pink Panther were awesome indeed!

Basically, I guess, pulling off a nice spy-comedy movie requires a good storyline, because you can’t just keep audiences glued to their seats by making a spy make a fool of him for two hours. They do need a good story to keep themselves occupied. The first Johnny English had a wonderful storyline and the way they executed was wonderful. They just had to make sure they didn’t loose their mark in this one and good heavens they didn’t. It was a mind-blowing execution. It was a nicely progressing storyline with really funny comic sequences blended beautifully with it – A perfect cocktail.

The movie starts off with wonderful display of credits. I don’t know if people pay much importance with the starting credits or not but personally to me, the starting credits play a vital role in getting the mood for the movie. JER had perfect rolling credits with a wonderful background score. The movie hits off with Johnny English among Tibetan monks learning martial arts. For a moment I thought it was mocking Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, but the moment English lands in London, its pretty clear. The best spy of MI7 is back!

The story catches speed and a lot of characters are introduced. In the first part there was Ben Miller playing Angus Bough – English’s wingman. This time they had Daniel Kaluuya playing Agent Tucker as English’s sidekick. Together, both of them try to hunt down the assassins of Chinese premier. The fact that I love about Johnny English movies is that Rowan Atkinson can make anything funny. He generates humor from places no one else would imagine. A stupid spy creating a menace out of fancy gadgets is clichéd but no one can imagine of finding a hospital in a helicopter and that too by flying and following the road. I personally found it really funny. Well, that’s just an example but all Atkinson fans would know what I am talking about. All the gadgets and gizmos are correct and aptly used. The one that impressed the most was, my favorite, the 12-cylinder, 9 liter Rolls Royce car. MY GOD THAT CAR WAS AWESOME! Did I mention, that in caps? But seriously, it was amazing. Great work there!

The movie is beautifully shot and it doesn’t disappoint to the eye. Atkinson does look a bit aged but they’ve used that fact as their asset. They didn’t portray him as a young spy chasing the bad fellows. The Tibetan guru made that fact clear to him right at the start of the movie – ‘English, you’re not young anymore. But with age comes wisdom.’ And you can see that everywhere in the movie – while chasing the Chinese thief from the building, he doesn’t run even for a minute. He literally walks and catches him. Then when he is shot in the leg, he doesn’t try to run like clichéd heroes. But instead gets a wheelchair run faster then Range Rovers and Aston Martins. Awesome! The climax too is wonderful this time. Last time they stripped the Archbishop, this time he jumps on the Queen and bangs a tray in her head! Anyone with eyes would laugh at that scene! That old Chinese lady assassin also has done a super awesome job! All in all, it’s a great movie. If you’re a Rowan Atkinson fan and haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. Get your disk over this weekend – its guaranteed entertainment!


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