On the hot list: Premium Rush

Just came across this trailer and my God, that’s an amazing trailer. Great stunts! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting more amazing after every movie he makes. I am yet to watch his 50/50. Last time I saw him was in Inception and he was great there as well. This year, I look forward to this movie and also in The Dark Knight Rises. But this one pretty impressive. Its been quite a time since he ran the movie on his shoulders alone. Can he carry this one?


The Vow (2012) – A review

I had just seen the poster of this film before I went down to watch this movie in the theater. I couldn’t get a chance to watch the official trailer and make pre-assumptions about the movie. But according to the poster I came to know that the movie had Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles and it was based on a true story. Then a little bit of googling gave me more information about the movie. It was a story of a husband and wife and they meeting an accident. Wife suffers from memory loss and husband tries to recall her memories and their vows. It sounded like a strong plot and when it says that the movie is inspired from true events, it gets more attention from me than regular fictional stories. I was definitely excited in seeing what this movie has in store for me.

When I reached the hall, I was expecting a sort of a romantic film like Adam Sandler’s 50 First dates; a little serious though. I had thought that it would have a warm romance that would melt my heart as I had learnt that the movie was a huge hit in North America and it was really doing well during Valentine’s Day week. So, I was expecting a very touching, romantic film.

The film starts off with their accident and the film moving back and forth between current timeline and past events. It builds up very slowly. Initially I couldn’t feel connected with the characters. I felt that Channing and Rachel weren’t too involved in their roles. I felt that their acting was dull. The dialogues weren’t strong enough to make your girlfriend lean her head on your shoulder. But I guess, the director and scriptwriter wanted to keep the things real, and keep the essence of the story intact, and didn’t try to ruin it by making cheesy. No problem, I can live with that.

The first half passes and Rachel’s role develops wonderfully. Character of Paige has shown a lot of depth than in the first 30 minutes of the movie. Now, you start feeling connected to the film. You can feel that confusion that Paige feels when he looks at Leo, who claims to be her husband. But she remembers nothing about him. You can feel her trying her best not to hurt him. Even Channing’s character picks up the pace and develops as events start happening. Channing beautifully portrays Leo’s helplessness, which he feels when his wife leaves him out. You can feel Leo’s agony and frustration when he is cut off by the love of his life, as she remembers only the period before she met him. That awkwardness is well displayed between a husband and wife who were soul mates a while ago but have to live as strangers now.

As the film ends, it leaves me with a very nice impression. I really liked the movie. I liked it because it was different from traditional, conventional love stories that Hollywood filmmakers and fictional novelists have been making over years, that sometimes bend the reality to the extent of making it impractical. I liked it because it had a lot to do with reality. Being inspired from a true story was the biggest virtue of this movie and it carried on it quite well. Movies like this should be made more often, as it leaves a proper impression on current generation. Life is not perfect, and one should take it as it comes to you. A wonderful film! The music is good and Channing really convinced me that he can act and he can act well. I am definitely booked for his 21 Jump Street, which is yet to release here in India. As for Rachel McAdams, she is always a delight to watch. I have never been disappointed by her performances. But she definitely looks a bit aged in this one. In all those frames with Channing, she quite eminently looks older than him.

All in all, it’s a good movie. You can watch it one time if you like romantic films. You will be able to stand it just fine. If you like movies which are modest, real and whose scripts don’t try to act smart, you’ll love this movie.

The Iron Lady (2011) – A review

I don’t deny the fact that I went to the cinema hall heavily biased with Meryl Streep’s magnificence, knowing the fact that has she recently won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe award and a BAFTA award for this role of hers and also that she has been one of those actresses who has mesmerized me by her acting every time when she was on screen. She is a masterpiece and she sure stands by her dazzling stature in every character she plays, including the Iron Lady. She never disappoints you. Every time I complete watching her movie, I think there cannot be any more heights in the field of acting that one can conquer, but with her every next movie, Meryl Streep proves me wrong. She has actually proved that true talent is unfathomable and limitless.

The Iron Lady starts off wonderfully and keeps you glued with its intriguing storytelling. It presents you 3 very important phases of a person’s life, which tells you everything about that person. These 3 phases are extremely important in understanding that person, as that person is no normal human being. She was one of those exceptional people that human race has rarely witnessed. Margret Thatcher, England’s first woman Prime Minister is the Iron Lady. She has been portrayed keeping her charismatic persona and her never-say-die attitude intact. You can very well feel her nerves of steel and her attitude to change whatever is wrong around her. I was so glad that they didn’t try to mingle with the character and try to add fictional elements in it otherwise it would have ruined everything. Some stories are best untouched and I am happy that the filmmakers respected that.

The film starts with Margret Thatcher in her old age and time around 1990 where it describes how she is dealing with her personal battles. This phase is described as the price she paid in her personal life for her political career. Her dynamic youth and her years as Prime Minister are perfectly blended with her old age as her flashbacks. It is woven and delivered beautifully as a progressing storyline. The way when she is signing books and accidently signs as Margret Roberts instead of Margret Thatcher, that moment at dining table when she sees the cutlery besides her plate and that gesture of her to wait at a door for a second after closing it and overhearing her colleagues talk about her – there is only one word for that, ‘Masterpiece’. Even some of those scenes when she is the Prime Minister of England are compelling and well crafted. The scene when she comes to power and walks to her office in 10 Downing street, other scene when her assistant is stitching a button on her dress and her cabinet ministers are demanding a statement on current recession, or the scene when United States’ secretary of defense comes to meet Thatcher regarding the ongoing Falklands war or the Parliament sessions, all of them are brilliant.

It is needless to say that there is no actor in the world who could play Margret Thatcher better than Meryl Streep. The way she has put on her character in this film, her involvement, her efforts and her commitment is well evident from what we get to see on the screen. Not for a second you can realize that her British accent is not real. This article is not at all sufficient to appreciate what Streep has delivered for this movie. Another great thing about this movie apart from acting and screenplay is its makeup and dressing team. A lot of people have said that there were better contenders for dressing and makeup category’s Oscar award this year but I think that it is well deserved. Meryl Streep was presented perfectly as Margret Thatcher during her power years as well as her makeup during her old age scenes was mind blowing. It was so convincing that after sometime you stop seeing Meryl Streep as a character and you start watching only Margret Thatcher. All in all, a terrific movie and a timeless tour de force. It’s a must watch for Meryl Streep fans, a fantastic movie for political movie fans and biopic fans, and a no-goer for others as it is not a piece of entertainment. It is a serious biographical work and it is not meant for entertaining the whole mass of crowd. I am yet to see J.Edgar so cannot give a word on which biopic is better. But this one surely does go down as Streep’s best works so far.



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