Inkaar (2012) – A review

Inkaar – Poster

After seeing the promos for this movie, I was quite impressed with it and had a lot of expectations with it. I don’t know why but this flick had a different vibe to it then other movies that I’ve seen earlier, like, Disclosure (1994), Crash (2004) or Akshay Kumar’s Aitraaz which were heavily focused on sexual harassment. I felt this one would have some edge to it that would set itself apart from others. Maybe it was because of the very fresh leading pair starring Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh and the story focused on a complicated relationship manifested in a corporate backdrop.

And it sure didn’t disappoint me throughout! I am not saying it was a blockbuster or I felt changed after watching it or something, but it was presented in a very good way and my expectations felt quenched. I did get my money’s worth. When I saw Arjun and Chitrangada together on screen, I was convinced that there couldn’t be a better pair for these roles. It was a perfect cast! I can’t seem to get any other alternatives that would have been fit for Arjun’s role. Actors like Hrithik, Ranbir, Saif, Akshay Kumar, etc. seem too refined and overtly-big imaged stars for this role and I’m sure you’d have not liked Shahid, Imran, Ranvir, John, or other youngsters as a CEO of an advertisement agency for over a decade. Plus, Arjun’s body language has that sense of victim syndrome, which makes him perfect to portray a character accused of sexual harassment. Also, it had been more than 2 years since ‘We are family’ where Arjun last got a chance to act in a solo-hero movie, so this would have been big for him and he would deliver his best. While, on the other hand, Chitrangada is on her very successful 2nd innings in this industry. But somehow, her movies until now weren’t quite hitting the perfect spot. I missed watching her ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ and in Desi Boyz she didn’t have to do anything else except looking pretty. A lot of people, including me, were in thoughts and asking whether she will plunge herself in completely commercial movies or will we get a glimpse of the Smita Patil lookalike talent which we witnessed in ‘Hazaaro Khwaishein Aisi’. Well, here we got a mixture of both. Chitrangada had previously worked with director Sudhir Mishra twice in Hazaaro Khwaishein Aisi & Yeh Saali Zindagi so this wouldn’t have been new for her. Both of them delivered their parts well and thus the film came out well on the whole.

Another delight of the film was its music. I enjoyed what Shantanu Moitra did for this film. I am a big fan of Swanand Kirkire’s lyrics and songs and I loved 3 major songs from the film. Darmiyan and Zindagi ka karobar blend perfectly in the progressing storyline and compliment the presentation, thus helping in elevating the ambience of the film. I am glad that they were sensible enough not to go for any item numbers or dance numbers and paralyze the flow of the story. This is the result of sensible people making a movie and caring for what they make regardless of how its outcome would be commercially. I know, Inkaar would only last till Race 2 doesn’t burn it down. Arjun Rampal has never been able to carry a movie on his own they didn’t have Vidya Balan in the cast, nor did they have a killer script, so it all of us knew that this wasn’t going to be a big hit. On the top of that, the movie wasn’t released overseas. So, this wiped its chances of earning from there as well. Despite knowing all this, they cared to make a good movie, and I appreciate them for this.

The dialogues are fresh and catchy, and they need to be. The subject of the movie requires the dialogues to be bold and strong. The story is also innovative in its own way. It is more than just sexual harassment. It’s a corporate drama with an edge. I am glad this story was made in a movie and this part of our society was addressed to. It needs to be addressed badly what type of culture goes on in corporate offices today. There are lots of unquestioned, unanswered things going on around us where we work. It feels sometimes that all of that is becoming a major part of our lives without we consciously trying to acknowledge its existence around us. The story though, is bit of a cracker as the movie approaches its climax and is about to end. No one would have expected that Arjun Rampal’s character would be in love with the very woman who had accused him. But I guess that’s the heart of the film. The director wants us to focus on the confusing office relationships and the politics that goes on among fellow-colleagues. In our professional lives, we come across several such scenarios wherein relationships get strained due to external factors and complex circumstances. Rahul & Maya’s relationship was something like that. Before it could blossom into something beautiful, other people contaminate their relationship and both of them are left with prejudice at their ends. Thus their feelings remain suppressed and are never able to surface. Complex thing to digest but still better off to end the film on that note since they didn’t have any room for the classic happy-ever-after Bollywood ending. One more thing I felt was that Kanwaljit Singh’s character as Rahul’s father, could have been written better and shown to have a better effect on Rahul’s character. They have tried, but it couldn’t connect the dots and you don’t feel the connection.

On the whole, it’s an average film for a weekend, certainly better option than Mumbai Mirror. I was very disappointed watching Broken City as well, so this served as a delight to me. I hope you find it entertaining as well.


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