The thing about Lootera


It is pretty late to take about this movie by now since its already been more than 3 weeks since the movie released and a lot has been said about it. On a general note, the critics gave mixed reviews to this film, and it fell flat on the box office. People, especially young moviegoers made vomit faces while discussing about it. It was declared a flop and everyone criticized the director Vikramaditya Motwane since there were huge expectations from him after his first film Udaan in 2010. He even responded to the criticism saying that he cannot please everyone and will try to take the criticism constructively.

But after I saw the movie, my views were completely different from the other people. I loved the movie! I loved it so much that I saw it again. And after seeing it the second time, I feel like seeing it again for the third time now. It remains with me for a longer time after every time I see it. It grips me with a bundle of emotions and I cannot concentrate in normal conversations with people for few hours after watching it.

After watching the movie and listening to people talk about it, I’ve analyzed why people didn’t like the movie. The straightforward reason to that is that they couldn’t connect to its story and so they got bored with it instantly. Yeah, I agree that Lootera doesn’t have a mainstream, commercial storyline in proven genres like comedy, horror or romance. Nor does it have those contemporary item numbers or punch lines like Salman Khan flicks that can be marketed for movie’s benefit. So, it is quite obvious that it wasn’t a mainstream entertainer for the masses. Motwane belongs to the same school of cinema as Anurag Kshyap and that school doesn’t make movies to impress the masses or to make the box office go ballistic. They make movies because they love the spirit of movies and so expecting a ‘Houseful 2’, or a ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, or a ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ from him is just pointless. And I am glad that they don’t succumb to that style of filmmaking. I love the type of films that Motwane and Kshyap make.

On other note, while you find Anurag Kshyap’s films morbid at times and also a little difficult to perceive, Motwane’s films are beautifully simple and profound. That’s the reason why people appreciated Udaan. It didn’t have any dark story or a riveting presentation; instead it was simple story of a kid from a small town with a dysfunctional family and a short-tempered father. It was a kind of plot that thousands of kids in the country could connect themselves with. It was simple to understand and process it and hence it was widely acclaimed.

Lootera on the other hand was also a simple film. But it wasn’t easy to understand and process it since it demands a certain level of maturity from a viewer. You need to have felt a few things in life to understand the story of Lootera. As it was told for the Great Gatsby movie, not everyone can connect to it. Only those who have encountered unrequited love in their relationships can grasp stories like this. For others, it is just people doing crazy things and taking illogical decisions. For example, in Lootera, you see that Ranvir Singh’s character Varun comes back in Sonakshi’s character Pakhi’s life and the only logical step it seems for normal people is that Pakhi calls police and gets Varun arrested or kills Varun herself. But she doesn’t do so. She tells Varun that she thinks about doing it and then a dilemma hits her and she doesn’t do either of it. This is where Lootera looses most of its audience and only people like me remain connected to it.

But remaining connected to it and following it, pays off in the end beautifully. Motwane treats us with one of the best climax moments ever. A kind of moment that leaves you in a sea of emotions and you walk out of that movie with a smile on your face. When I watched the movie for the first time, I didn’t know anything about the movie’s making, so I enjoyed it thoroughly! I knew that the two couldn’t end up together, and that’s not the purpose of true, classic love anyway so that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was how much love they had in their relationship for each other despite all odds. The last 5 minutes of the movie doesn’t have any dialogues and those are the best moments of the film. What could be better than a director treating you with a superb story and ending it with a beautiful finale without saying a word! Hats off to Vikramaditya Motwane!

Later on, I came to know that the later part of the movie was partly based on O. Henry’s story ‘The Last Leaf’. I read the story and I feel that The Last Leaf was less interesting compared to Lootera. This is because of the element of love makes everything more interesting. Lootera uses the plot of The Last Leaf beautifully to come up with a unique story that touches your heart. All those who didn’t find Lootera interesting, I just feel sorry for them. Perhaps its because you don’t know the importance of having someone in your life, who paints a leaf and ties it to a branch on a tree everyday, just because it is important to you and you believe in it.




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