University of Movieology is a place where in we talk movies, we discuss movies, we eat movies, we drink movies, we live movies! Its about great people, about spell-binding stories, mind-blowing music, and everything which makes movies more than just reels. Its about movies that blow your minds off!

Here we discuss movies and everything that is associated to it. We discuss movies from the East and movies from the West. We talk about people who have made immortal contributions to the world of Cinema through their creations. We salute every form of talent which has been put in to make timeless classics.

From Ben Hur to Avatar, from Alam Ara to 3 Idiots, this place is going to smell movies all over. All those folks who love movies, who have spent countless hours of their lives watching tons of movies, whose world stops for 100 minutes while watching a film. I welcome all of you to share your views, agree/disagree with my words, and express what movies mean to you, I wish to make this place an epicenter of movie enthusiasts and their ideas. So, let’s start rolling! Action!


About Dip Dhingani

An iOS developer, a blogger, a tech freak and a startup enthusiast.

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