Jolly LLB – First Look

Holly cow! This is something fresh man! This is something completely out of the blue. I couldn’t stop laughing watching this trailer. This one definitely tops the my waiting list of must watch Hindi movies. I will definitely watch it the day it hits the theaters. There is something that attracts me towards such underdog Bollywood comedies and drama and this is simply superb. It has no big names, no unnecessary caricatures, its straight to the point and honest film. I am sure I’d love it.

Can’t wait for it!


On the hot list: Premium Rush

Just came across this trailer and my God, that’s an amazing trailer. Great stunts! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting more amazing after every movie he makes. I am yet to watch his 50/50. Last time I saw him was in Inception and he was great there as well. This year, I look forward to this movie and also in The Dark Knight Rises. But this one pretty impressive. Its been quite a time since he ran the movie on his shoulders alone. Can he carry this one?



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